Danny Gruner and Jordan Semeschuk Danny Gruner and Jordan Semeschuk
Danny Gruner and Jordan Semeschuk
Inspiring confidence
Danny Gruner and Jordan Semeschuk have offered integral support to DND as the Infrastructure and Environment (IE) transformation initiative takes shape. In their roles as Real Property Operations Support Managers, for the Western and Pacific regions respectively, they have demonstrated the value DCC offers from a regional perspective, enabling DND to tap into a broad variety of DCC's services. "They have done an exceptional job in communicating externally to the client as well as internally to the sites. Both Danny and Jordan have worked to build solid relationships with groups by developing a strong foundation for services and an atmosphere of trust," says their nominator, Western Regional Operations Manager Victoria Neary. "We consistently discuss during client meetings how DCC can do more—how we can regionally accomplish our goals together as a team, and how we can support finding solutions to the latest challenges."