MERX coordinates the distribution of DCC standard construction contract documents. A tender package can be ordered from MERX by telephone (1-800-964-6379) or via the Internet ( A fee will be administered. MERX reference number is 16606.

Form Number Form Title File
DCL 44 Statutory Declaration (Contractor) DCL44.doc
DCL 44C Statutory Declaration (Consultant) DCL44C.doc
DCL 80 Contractor Performance Evaluation Report Form (CPERF) DCL80.xls
DCL 81 Performance Evaluation Guidelines DCL81.doc
DCL 82 Consultant Performance Evaluation Report Form (CPERF) DCL82.xls
DCL 158 Contractor's Cost Breakdown DCL158.xls
DCL 232 Insurer's Certificate of Insurance DCL232.doc
DCL 242 Request for Acceptance of Alternative Materials DCL242.pdf
DCL 250 Standard Construction Contract Documents
DCC's Procurement Code of Conduct
DCL 291 Direct deposit enrolment for Contracts DCL291.pdf
DCL 292 Wire transfer enrolment for international contracts DCL292.pdf
  Contractor's Progress Claim Cost Breakdown Details Form