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At DCC, our people are participating in some of this country's most challenging infrastructure projects, while helping our Client-Partners preserve and protect the environment.

Are you a Contractor or Consultant?

DCC provides contracting, construction contract management and related infrastructure services to the Department of National Defence (DND).

DCC Careers

Our teams are made up of professional engineers, engineering technicians and technologists, environmental engineers and technologists, experienced tradespeople and other professionals.



Starting in mid-February 2018, DCC will begin accepting online electronic bids (e-bids) for the procurement of goods and maintenance services, using the service provider MERX, an independent private sector tendering service. E-bids for the procurement of construction services are already accepted.

DCC honoured with RPIC award for environmental best practices

The Curtiss All Ranks Kitchen and Dining Facility—a major DCC project at CFB Borden—has been honoured by the Real Property Institute of Canada for best practices in environmental sustainability.

DCC's commitment to prompt payment

DCC believes that the transparency from public disclosure of contract payments is a positive step for its industry partners. We hope that this will bring more fairness in payments made to construction contractors, tradespeople and suppliers, and contribute to a stronger Canadian industry overall.