Isabelle L'Écuyer, Pauline Riche, Annie Pageau and Francis Bélanger Isabelle L'Écuyer, Pauline Riche, Annie Pageau and Francis Bélanger
The Valcartier Contract Services Team
From improving physical training facilities to innovating on snow removal contracting, the Valcartier Contract Services Team—Francis Bélanger, Isabelle L'Écuyer, Annie Pageau and Pauline Riche—creates winning solutions for DCC, our Client-Partners and our contractors. Their nominator for the Service Development Award, Montreal Site Manager Karine St-Jean, notes how the team's diverse backgrounds in engineering and law effectively support the tender process, while Program Leader Alain Tessier describes their work as phenomenal. "Their collaboration and mentoring in the Quebec Region is a strong indication that they wish to share their knowledge and experience, resulting in highquality services," says Alain.