As a federal Crown corporation, DCC strives to demonstrate the importance of ethics and accountability while maintaining the confidence of its stakeholders throughout all of its business operations. DCC is committed to the following tenets:

DCC acknowledges that its chief asset is people and that corporate successes are built on employee abilities and commitment. One of DCC's strengths is its dedicated workforce of professionals. The team consists of a mix of engineers, engineering technicians and technologists, environmental scientists and experienced tradespeople. Other specialists in finance, human resources, information technology, communications and administration support these employees. DCC is an equal-opportunity employer committed to diversity.

DCC plays an important role in the implementation of government policy in areas relating directly to the Government of Canada's contracting requirements. For example, in its business operations, DCC provides broad access to business opportunities and encourages competition. This is demonstrated by the Corporation's use of MERX, Canada's official public sector electronic tendering service. With a target of having 99% of all contracts being publicly tendered, as opposed to being sole sourced, DCC contributes to a level playing field for Canadian businesses. Knowing that protecting the interests of Canadians remains paramount, DCC demonstrates fiscal responsibility in the award and management of publicly funded contracts.

The DCC Board of Directors and management group are committed to the principles of sound environmental stewardship, to the practice of due diligence and, as a public institution, to meeting the expectations of Canadians.

DCC’s Environmental Management Framework outlines the strategic direction and long-term objectives of the environmental aspects of DCC’s activities. DCC has integrated environmental procedures into day-to-day operational and administrative processes.

Just as DND has made sustainable development a priority, so have we. DCC is committed to the principles of sound environmental stewardship, including those related to sustainable development and to the practice of due diligence. Our Environmental Management Framework outlines our corporate strategic direction and long-term objectives when it comes to addressing the environmental aspects of our activities.

The management of employee occupational health and safety remains a concern of the Board, Senior Management and the Environmental, Safety and Health Committee. DCC continues to invest in safety-related communications and training activities.

Employees have developed an increasing awareness of health and safety issues and the Committee and the National Safety Coordinator remain highly committed to maintaining DCC’s excellent record as a safe workplace.

DCC supports federal policy objectives in regard to the Official Languages Act and strives to offer bilingual services in all office locations where required, and receives few complaints under the Official Languages Act. When received, they are resolved quickly.

Transparency of operations is integral to DCC’s business strategy, and the Corporation complies with the letter and the spirit of both the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

The Corporation tables a number of yearly reports either in Parliament (through the Minister of Public Services and Procurement), or to other government agencies after each fiscal year end. These submissions are made in order to partially fulfill the Board’s responsibilities respecting governance of the Corporation and in accordance with the Financial Administration Act, the Alternative Fuels Act, the Access to Information Act, the Privacy Act, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act.

DCC's Code of Business Conduct reaffirms the ethics, values and expected standard of conduct for employees of the Corporation. Because DCC employees award and manage contracts involving hundreds of millions of dollars, the bar for ethical standards is set very high. By complying with appropriate standards of conduct, employees reinforce the Corporation’s reputation, image and success.

Adherence to the code, which applies to all employees of the Corporation, is a condition of employment. The Code requires that employees sign a document certifying that they have read and understand the code and that they are obliged to review the code once a year. A thorough review of the Code of Business Conduct is a key component of the Corporation’s on-line values and ethics training package which is mandatory for all employees. New employees complete this training package as part of their initial orientation.

DCC provides a working environment that promotes respect and regard for the rights and dignity of all employees, including fair and equitable treatment in compensation.

All positions within DCC are established through an assessment of the value of each position in comparison with all jobs performed within the company. This assessment is based on a composite of skill, effort, responsibility and the conditions under which each position must be performed. The value of the position remains constant unless the nature of the job itself changes. The assessment is unrelated to the qualifications, personal attributes or gender of the incumbent.