Built to meet the expanding needs of the fire department at CFB Suffield, the new $7.1-million, 2,133 m2 state-of-the-art fire hall services both the base and heliport.

DCC serves unique client needs at CFB Suffield

Thanks to two DCC-supervised construction projects completed in 2013, CFB Suffield now has range control and fire hall facilities suited to its size and role. At 2,690 square kilometres, the base is Canada's largest military training area, with some 6,000 soldiers from the United Kingdom training there each year through ...

Replacing the old British facility, the completed headquarters building is one of several renovated and new buildings to be used by the OPFOR unit at CFB Wainwright.

Racing the clock and the cold for an OPFOR project at CFB Wainwright

We caught up with Doug Barr, DCC Team Leader, Project Management, at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Wainwright on the day a substantial completion award was being issued to contractors on a major construction project. The two-year project involved renovating five existing facilities ...

The photo shows 1 of 12 piles being driven 7 m into sound bedrock in late November 2013.

Kingston lake water cooling project showcases DCC teamwork

Teamwork and smarts are helping DCC put an end to the impact of the ubiquitous zebra mussels on a district cooling system at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) in Kingston. The college's main academic complex comprises three buildings with a combined area of 42,000 m2. For air conditioning, each facility relies on a cooling system constructed in the 1970s...

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Digging deep to overcome challenges and build a new home for CFS St. John's

The world was a different place back in the 1950s when the perceived threat of a Soviet nuclear attack over the Arctic weighed heavy on the minds of American and Canadian politicians, the military and Canadians at large. As a result, the Mid-Canada Radar Line (MCRL) was born, a sort of "Plan B" or reinforcement for the primary Distant Early Warning (DEW Line) designed to warn of incoming Soviet threats from the air.