Signage at a Mid-Canada Line site warns of demolition debris from a collapsed building containing asbestos.

DCC and the Mid-Line clean-up: the power of positive progress

The world was a different place back in the 1950s when the perceived threat of a Soviet nuclear attack over the Arctic weighed heavy on the minds of American and Canadian politicians, the military and Canadians at large. As a result, the Mid-Canada Radar Line (MCRL) was born, a sort of "Plan B" or reinforcement for the primary Distant Early Warning (DEW Line) designed to warn of incoming Soviet threats from the air.

The new Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander W. Anthony Paddon Building at CFS St. John's.

Digging deep to overcome challenges and build a new home for CFS St. John's

On a large construction project, it is not unusual for there to be some unexpected challenges along the way. With the $117.8-million Pleasantville Consolidation Project (PCP), some of the biggest challenges came from things the contractors with the big shovels literally bumped into underground.

Rendering of the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy at CFB Borden.

DCC's team approach key to construction of specialized Military Police Training Facility

The new Canadian Forces Military Police Academy at CFB Borden will house facilities ranging from the ordinary–classrooms, offices and a library–to the extraordinary–a live ammunition firing range, a pepper spray room, evidence rooms and labs, as well as a museum.

B-327, as the building is known, has 24 single rooms, with shared baths, laundry facilities, and office space for Accommodations personnel.

A tight timeline at CFB Comox yields great results

DCC staff working at CFB Comox on Vancouver Island tried an innovative approach for getting things done on a tight timeline. The result? It has become a model of success for other DND projects. It could be a construction coordinator's most challenging assignment–find a contractor to construct an important building for under $1 million in a 72-day construction schedule–over Christmas.