Six DCC employees (left to right: Ray Tourville, Keith Dyer, Kris Seiler, Brigitte Trau, Shawn Helmerson and Janette Brodeur) represented the organization in the official Parade of Honour from the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa to Parliament Hill for the national ceremony.

DCC marks National Day of Honour, recalls contribution to Afghan mission

DCC employees joined CAF members, veterans and members of the public for National Day of Honour observances across the country on May 9, 2014. James Paul, President and CEO, represented DCC at the national ceremony.

UXOs found at Lac Saint-Pierre, Quebec

A potentially explosive clean-up project moves forward at Lac Saint-Pierre, Québec

If just one Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO) can be a risk, imagine the challenge Environmental Services Coordinator Josée Gagnon and her colleagues are facing with 3,000 of them left behind from munitions testing programs at Lac Saint-Pierre, Québec.

Exterior of the new hangar 2 constructed for the J-model Hercules at 8 Wing Trenton. The new hangar is an 11,582 m2, LEED Silver aircraft maintenance facility.

New Hercules hangar and firehall complete at 8 Wing Trenton

Once again, Defence Construction Canada is at the forefront of the changing face of 8 Wing Trenton, the hub of air transport in the Canadian Armed Forces. As part of a massive infrastructure renewal that has seen the flightline at this "home of air mobility" completely change over the past few years, the new firehall and J-model Hercules maintenance hangar..

National Award winners (back row) Arthur Humble, Michael Farrell, Stephen Toth (front row) Colin Sullivan, Nicole Burgess and Éric Desrochers with DCC President and CEO James Paul.

DCC National Award winners: Client-Partner support at its best

DCC once again celebrated the exemplary performance of the men and women who help the organization support its Client-Partners. The 2014 National Awards were presented at a ceremony on May 6, 2014.

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DCC serves unique client needs at CFB Suffield

Thanks to two DCC-supervised construction projects completed in 2013, CFB Suffield now has range control and fire hall facilities suited to its size and role. At 2,690 square kilometres, the base is Canada's largest military training area, with some 6,000 soldiers from the United Kingdom training there each year through ...

DCC and the Mid-Line clean-up: the power of positive progress

The world was a different place back in the 1950s when the perceived threat of a Soviet nuclear attack over the Arctic weighed heavy on the minds of American and Canadian politicians, the military and Canadians at large. As a result, the Mid-Canada Radar Line (MCRL) was born, a sort of "Plan B" or reinforcement for the primary Distant Early Warning (DEW Line) designed to warn of incoming Soviet threats from the air.