Environmental rehabilitation project in the heart of Old Québec

Rehabilitation project at 57B St. Louis Street in Old Québec

Rehabilitation project at 57B St. Louis Street in Old Québec.

57B St. Louis Street is a special rehabilitation project for DCC. Previously home to a quality testing laboratory, the site was ceded to Parks Canada by the Department of National Defence because of its heritage value.

"Our goal was to make this site compliant for Parks Canada, by protecting its extensive archeological remains," said Simon Flamand, DCC Coordinator, Environmental Services in Valcartier, who has been running the worksite over the past few weeks.

This involved major challenges for the DND UXO and Legacy Sites Program in Ottawa. In addition to archeological issues, the DCC team had to contend with the rigours of winter and atypical topography of this historic neighbourhood, which significantly complicated the transport of contaminated soil off-site. Thankfully, heavy snowfall in recent months prevented the soil from freezing deeply, thereby facilitating its excavation.

In all, over 2300 metric tonnes of soil contaminated with heavy metals and aromatic hydrocarbons were excavated in four weeks. The project also helped dispose of some reinforced concrete as well as excavate and protect several archeological remains. Accordingly, the foundations of a former military hospital dating back to the war of 1812-1814 were excavated.

"This was a serious coordination challenge. We did some careful planning and we are happy with the results," concluded Simon Flamand.

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