The Curtiss All Ranks Dining Facility.

Supporting multiple capital projects requires constant dedication

The 12-person DCC team rolling out six large construction projects concurrently at CFB Borden has gained a well-earned reputation for the around-the-clock dedication necessary to respond to the daily issues that arise.

The DCC team managing the Cold Lake Utilities project: Jason Serwa, Melissa Vestby, Danny Bielesch and Veronique Proulx.

Cold Lake Utilities project team earns customer service accolades

The DCC team at 4 Wing Cold Lake that closed out the recent Cold Lake Utilities project received some high praise, not only from the organization, but from the Client-Partner. The team was nominated for a national DCC Customer Satisfaction Award for its recent accomplishments.

Agnieszka Sakanovic, Mélinda Nycholat and Mélanie Pouliot

DCC now two-time winner of procurement award

For the second straight year, DCC has been honoured with the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award from the U.S. National Procurement Institute. Of the 204 organizations so recognized, DCC is one of just six from Canada.

Recycling logo

Waste management at Valcartier: DCC expertise adds value

For over five years, the DCC Environmental Services team has been coordinating, in partnership with DND, a major waste material management project at CFB Valcartier.

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Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre is a veritable training "adventure"

With six-storey climbing walls, mock storm sewers, a mock elevator shaft, a four-storey "building-within-a-building," and a multitude of rappelling surfaces, the new Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre (CAAWC) is a veritable adventure, with a very serious objective.

Performance specification: An innovative, successful approach

In the spring of 2014, DCC received an exciting project request from DND–the rapid demolition of the St. Hubert M4 hangar; a 4,000-m2 wooden Warren truss structure built in 1942 that was in danger of collapse.