DCC expertise shines through overseas

Imad Jaradat (left), DCC Technical Specialist, Project Management with Mark Jarman, DCC Coordinator, Construction Services at the site in Kuwait.
Imad Jaradat (left), DCC Technical Specialist, Project Management with Mark Jarman, DCC Coordinator, Construction Services at the site in Kuwait

Sometimes even the smallest of projects can create the biggest hurdles – but the DCC team supporting Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) work overseas is showing how experience can overcome challenges, regardless of location.

"Each deployment brings its own set of challenges because we’re trying to do business outside Canada," said Michael Langsford, DCC Team Leader, Program Management, based in Ottawa. The team is currently nearing completion of three projects at the Operational Support Hub in Kuwait. The relatively simple projects—a vehicle wash station, pads for generators and POL (petroleum, oil, lubricants) storage, and a standing offer for power generation—represent a significant amount of work.

Without information on market capability of Kuwait businesses, and with Kuwait businesses unfamiliar with DCC, team members began with an important first step: introductions. This led to a familiarization process and preliminary assessment that was developed into a qualified vendor list. From there, projects could be tendered, awarded, and work undertaken.

"The military asked us to help support their team—and given our expertise in managing contracts, that’s what we’re here for—to support the team," said Langsford.

Their work in Kuwait stems from similar success in Erbil, Iraq last year, and has recently led to additional overseas support in Latvia supporting CAF infrastructure requirements for OP REASSURANCE.

Meanwhile a third DCC representative (working on a three-month rotation) is currently in Kuwait. One more deployment will see the projects completed.

That commitment by DCC staff, says Langford, has been instrumental in the team’s success. "Everyone seems to step up to the plate to make sure we do the right thing."


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