Supporting CAF operational readiness through fitness facility upgrades

Danny Bielesch has a lot on his plate, what with his team managing the new $37-million Health Services Centre and $36-million Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle facility at CFB Edmonton, the Team Leader, Construction Services also has sports and fitness facilities on his to-do list.

Bielesch and his team have been overseeing four such contracts since 2015, including:

  • $2.8-million upgrade to a 50s-era swimming pool including a wading/teaching pool, hot tub and family change rooms;
  • $800,000 upgrade to an outdoor soccer, football, rugby field built to FIFA standards, including proper grading, grass and irrigation (for training and run-ups to the military world games) and creation of a second sports field; and
  • $975,000 construction of two competitive ball diamonds including shale, grass and irrigation.
$2.8-million upgrade to a 50s-era swimming pool including a wading/teaching pool, hot tub and family change rooms

“These projects are all part of a longer-term vision that was outlined by our Client-Partner to have more polished, professional sports fields and facilities for CAF members and their families,” says Bielesch.

With its upgraded fitness standards and a renewed “fit to fight” mentality, the CAF will surely benefit operationally from these new sports facilities.

“When I started with DCC nine years ago, I worked with a retired major who told me to always remember that when we’re involved with projects, the ultimate end user is the CAF member and their families.”

“As someone with a very healthy respect for military members and what they give to our country, I believe it’s very important to provide them with a safe, comfortable place for training, team-building or just kicking a ball with their kids.”


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