Environmental rehabilitation at former CFS Moisie

The Moisie River, located near the municipality of Sept-Îles on Quebec's North Shore, is one of the longest Atlantic salmon rivers in Eastern Canada. In 2006, an environmental assessment revealed the presence of petroleum products, due to leaks from old petroleum storage tanks that were used at the former Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Moisie. Despite soil remediation work, the soil below four metres in depth remained contaminated.

In late 2015, DND initiated a clean-up project for this area with targets for soil decontamination over a three-year period.

DND and the DCC Environmental Services team participated jointly in the preparation of tender documents and the selection of a specialized firm to decontaminate the soil. According to Simon Flamand, DCC Coordinator, Environmental Services, the excavation work presented a real challenge for the team, as nearly one-third of the contaminated soil was eight metres under the water table, so water needed to be pumped away. A biotreatment technique was chosen for the project as it is a very cost-effective method that limits the impact for residents near the site.

Work started in the summer of 2016 and is progressing well, with 86 percent of the soil already treated.


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