Keeping to the schedule key to projects such as Trenton’s Hangar 6

Time is of the essence on construction projects. Sticking to the schedule while being flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen circumstances are essential daily elements of the work of DCC construction coordinators.

This was certainly the case with the massive Hangar 6 at 8 Wing Trenton, recalls Eron Forsythe, Coordinator, Construction Services, who led the DCC team during the second half of this $78-million project. The 17,000-m2 hangar, which was officially opened on January 25, 2017, was built over four years to maintain the base’s fleet of CC-177 Globemasters and CC-150 Polaris aircraft.

Although 48 months may seem like a long period, Forsythe says that, in actual fact, “you can never have enough time with these buildings,” since all the elements are so large. “You have to get right to work.”

The floor of the two-bay hangar comprises 23,000 m3 of concrete, requiring multiple pours, since a typical concrete plant produces just 300–350 m3 a day. The 16 roof trusses, each weighing more than 50,000 kg, had to be transported to the site in pieces, assembled and then hoisted into position. Even the fact that it took workers 5 to 10 minutes to get from the ground to the roof 30 meters up had to be considered in the scheduling. “You have to factor everything in,” Forsythe says.

Of his own role managing projects such as Hangar 6 on behalf of DND, Forsythe says, “I’m not trying to be assertive, but if I don’t keep things on track, I’m not doing my job.”


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