DCC’s expertise resonates beyond Mid-Canada Line clean-up

Canada’s northern reaches create major geographic and climate challenges for environmental remediation, but a unique partnership between federal and provincial governments, DCC and First Nations has successfully overcome these challenges and more. The result is 11 Mid-Canada Line (MCL) radar sites remediated in Ontario.

Built in the 1950s to warn of incoming Soviet air threats, the MCL’s 98 stations across Canada included 17 sites in the province. With the clean-up program now completed, DCC’s role as partner, expert and coach has passed critical knowledge to Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF)—knowledge that MNRF can use to remediate the remaining MCL sites in Ontario.

“It has been very gratifying to see the program succeed and to have communication, working relationships, trust and respect grow,” says program lead Scott Munn, DCC Technical Specialist, Project Management. He explains that key DCC recommendations included adding risk management into plans and estimates, and establishing a contract working group to manage contract risk and claims avoidance.

Notably, DCC brought experience, processes and tools from the DEW Line clean-up to the MCL program. This helped DCC contribute continuity of project staff, expert advice, technical review of MNRF plans, and a program management structure acceptable to all parties, including Treasury Board. “We were partnering champions, demonstrating the transparency, communication and cooperation for a team to be successful on such a difficult program,” Munn says.

The MCL success shows that DCC can effectively assist in similar projects as technical advisor, with benefits for DCC, too, Munn adds. “MNRF involved Indigenous stakeholders in their contractor meetings, for example. This was innovative and we learned from it.”


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