Retiring Regional Director applauds DCC’s dedication, adaptability and people

Steve Karpyshin

Western Regional Director Steve Karpyshin, who is retiring after nearly three decades with DCC, has seen the organization grow into one that constantly lives its corporate values of dedication, collaboration, competence and fairness each and every day.

Raised on a farm outside of Winnipeg, Karpyshin was always interested in construction. After graduating from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Physics, he pursued—largely for the job prospects, he admits with a laugh—a Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

Degrees in hand, Karpyshin joined DCC in 1988, first as Project Engineer (equivalent to today’s Site Manager) in Shilo, Manitoba. This was followed by a challenging adventure in the Arctic supporting the North American Air Defence Modernization project. He then moved to Edmonton to be Project Engineer and, later, Area Engineer for Western Region. Karpyshin was promoted to Western Regional Director in 1998.

Early in his career, Karpyshin helped craft DCC’s corporate values. “Now they are almost shorthand,” he says, "something that employees embrace instinctively in their work with Client-Partners and industry."

Similarly, Karpyshin lauds the organization for its ability to adapt to Client-Partners’ changing needs and employees for their can-do attitude. “DCC’s central value is dedication to task, to ensure the success of those we support.”

As a leader, Karpyshin has emphasized the power of a positive attitude and has devoted considerable time to motivating his staff, with regular travel around the widespread region. Employees “need to see that I’m supporting their efforts,” he says, “so putting the hard hat and the work boots on is really critical.”

With retirement, Karpyshin will continue his travels, now including his wife, Linda, who is retiring at the same time from her career as a physiotherapist. Karpyshin says he is leaving DCC at the end of June 2017 confident of its future growth and success.

“The secret of good management is to surround yourself with excellent people. I’ve worked hard to do that. I feel good walking out the door.”


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