DCC’s new Yellowknife office gets “boots on the ground” in Canada’s North

Sam Roeske, Mark Barbeau, Steven Poaps, Bill Radway
DCC staff (l to r) Samantha Roeske, Mark Barbeau, Steven Poaps and Bill Radway in front of the Joint Task Force North building in Yellowknife.

With a new office in Yellowknife opening in the coming weeks, DCC will soon have a full-time presence on the ground to support the infrastructure requirements of the Canadian Armed Forces in the North.

“We have been providing support from Ottawa for a number of years, but now there is much more work to do, as the Client-Partner focuses on upgrading aging infrastructure,” explains Samantha Roeske, Site Manager, Major Programs.

DCC will manage a five-year facilities maintenance and support services contract estimated at approximately $10 million dollars per year. The maintenance contract will cover 80 buildings in forward-operating locations and communities including Inuvik, Rankin Inlet and Iqaluit. There will also be various capital construction, minor new construction, maintenance and repair, and environmental projects. Six DCC staff, headed by a team leader who will report to Roeske in Ottawa, will be co-located with their military colleagues in Yellowknife.

Having the team working in person with the Client-Partner will have many benefits, Roeske says, including making it easier for DCC to keep on top of schedules during the short construction season, and for team members to travel to remote project sites when required.

DCC brings many years’ experience on northern projects to the work, including remediating former radar sites on both the DEW Line and Mid-Canada Line. In addition, managing facilities maintenance contracts is a growing area of DCC expertise.

DCC also offers consistency and flexibility, adds Mark Barbeau, Regional Operations Manager. “We are very fleet of foot at adapting to new requirements. We’re also able, because we are a national organization, to bring resources from across the country when needed.”


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