DCC at Work

DCC helping keep the lights on at CFS Alert

When one of the critical generators fails at the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world, getting it replaced is no mean feat. But DCC recently pulled it off with a successful team effort by all partners involved.

January 19, 2018 marked the successful first tests on the very first green demolition range, in Valcartier.

The Country's First green Demolition Range!

January 19, 2018 marked the successful first tests on Canada's first green demolition range, in Valcartier. Given the presence of contaminants on the former demolition range, the DCC team created a new space to continue providing this type of training activity on the base.

5 CDSB Gagetown Boone Mountain quarry

DCC moves mountains with Gagetown quarry operations

With trucks, tanks and troops regularly rumbling over the 1,500 km of roads and 900 km of tracks in the range and training area at 5 CDSB Gagetown, these corridors need plenty of upkeep. Fortunately, the 1,100-km2 base is also home to areas that can be quarried to supply crushed rock for the job.

New CFHA design-build apartment buildings

Canadian Forces Housing Agency opens new design-build apartment buildings

DCC has helped the Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHA) break new ground for accommodation for military members and their families. For decades, single family dwellings known as Private Military Quarters (PMQ) were the standard for Canadian Armed Forces members.


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Specialist expertise and stakeholder communications key to Jetty renewal

The $781-million A/B Jetty Recapitalization Project at CFB Esquimalt has achieved a key milestone with the successful contract award that includes the demolition of the 1940s wooden B Jetty in the Esquimalt dockyard.

Construction of Halifax Jetty more than halfway complete

DCC has reached a major milestone in the construction of the new Jetty NJ at CFB Halifax, a $93-million project to replace ageing jetties along the Halifax dockyard. The 247-metre-long by 43-metre-wide concrete jetty is now more than halfway complete, leaving officials feeling confident the project will meet its opening date in 2018.