The Future Fighter Capability Project will select permanent replacements for Canada’s current CF-18 fighter fleet.

Future fighter capability project set to begin

While Canada awaits word on a new fighter jet to replace the venerable CF-18, DCC staff are hard at work planning the infrastructure that will house these next-generation fighter aircraft.

Goose Bay

Goose Bay staff spring into action after runway incident

An incident involving a German military Airbus A320 on runway 16/34 in mid-July saw DCC staff and contractors spring into action to get the runway up and running again.

The first few piles mark a big step for the B Jetty project, but there’s a long way before all 273 are installed.

Summer sun sees Esquimalt's B Jetty start to grow

Big ships need big jetties—and the DCC team is rising to the challenge at CFB Esquimalt as two 70+ year old jetties prepare for replacement to serve the new Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) in 2023.

DCC’s Cyril Hiltz inside the new $14-million air traffic control tower at 14 Wing Greenwood.

Modern air traffic control tower a glowing achievement

Rising above the trees, the new nine-storey air traffic control tower at 14 Wing Greenwood casts a golden glow at sunset, as if to highlight the tower's status as the most modern in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

In our past issues

Big build for big team at Gagetown

Gagetown's 4 Engineering Support Regiment (4ESR) is a big group, with a big challenge. Their 450-person unit has been operating out of a disconnected group of aging buildings that simply can't meet their needs any longer.

DCC enhances its services to help DND meet its environmental goals

As the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces strive to reduce their energy use and environmental impact, DCC support to the Client-Partners continues to grow.