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Finding creative solutions to overcome challenges, improving processes to save time or money, or looking for better ways to serve our Client-Partners have always been second nature for Defence Construction Canada (DCC) employees.

This is why more than a decade ago DCC created a corporate initiative to support that. innoviCulture was born.

Through innoviCulture, DCC values innovative spirits at any level of the organization, encourages the mindset, attitudes and behaviours that embody innovation, and highlights the contributions of innovators.

Tools include:

  • quarterly newsletters with a regional flavour;
  • a network of innoviCulture representatives who promote innovation, observe and recognize examples of innovative spirit and act as catalysts in the sites and regions;
  • a national Innovation Award each year, as well as an innoviCulture Award, which is presented annually in each of the five regions as well as in Head Office, to encourage and reward employees for their innovative spirit.